Year of linux desktop? we are getting there.

Q: When will you know its finally a time to start looking ahead for the year of linux desktop?


A: When you find a proper linux nay KDE4 based computer being sold at local super market.


Yesterday i went for weekly grocery shopping in the local super market "Big Bazzar". At the entrance i was quickly annoyed by a salesman offering some pamphlet about a computer, whom i quickly gave a very frustrated look and walked passed him completely ignoring his product. But while doing this i had forgotten to pick up my shopping cart, and hence i turned around again. Suddenly something in the corner of the eye caught my attention. "Hey something usually only seen in my bedroom has appeared in the Big Bazzar"  i remember thinking.


And yes there it was, a shiny black KDE4.1 start menu on one of the monitors. The sales man was actually trying to sell a product by which is making education oriented PC's for kids, built on top of KDE desktop. How great was that? a pune local supermarket selling KDE!!! and not just for the sake of getting replaced by Windoze later. It was fully loaded, with a cool-dock at the top and kicker, oops a plasma panel at the bottom. everything from kde-edu to kstars to wikipedia preloaded.



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ok I get it but I also found similar <a href="">linux solutions</a> @


From the description on the web site, the product has a great potential; makes a statement for open source desktop.  The next step for the product is to make it "thin client" enabled i.e. desktop server.

Very nice! 

Very nice! 


nice. Esp considering our software is picked by "a team of experts that includes Psychologists, Doctors, IT Professionals, Teachers and Career Counsellors" ;-)

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