teamGit 2008 workout


teamGit[1] currently is quite functional as a basic Gui for git and has almost all capabilities to get you through lot of day to day git activity. But it still lacks quite a few features that are lacking and some that no other git ui has.

One such feature is an ui for interactive rebase operation. This feature addition is already planned in the roadmap[2]. Some sort of design for this feature is expected to be put up shortly on the roadmap page. This being star feature of the project and a non trivial one in git/version control realm a community participation with lot more eyes reviewing and coding than one or two will help a lot.

So i propose a workout to code an interactive git-rebase graphical user interface for teamGit.

Things to be acheived before the event:
1. Exact scope of the functionality to be addressed by the UI. It can not support entire interactive rebase function in one go, we will need to zero down of few interactive rebase features as the first ones to tackle
2. Rough design and module definitions for the proposed UI. There will be three main tasks that will be defined out
a. UI design : to be done using qt designer, may be done before hand to workout or at workout as per design.
b. Git interaction module: to be designed at high level before and at low level at workout

I also hope the days leading to will be the ones in which the above things are sorted out with the interested people.

Agenda at the event
1. To finalize the design of each module that has already been frozen on the mailing list/ wiki in the days leading to wrokout.
2. To code and testout UI using qt-designer and merge it in the project
3. To code the module that interacts with git rebase command
4. Integrate the whole work into the project and relase v0.0.4 with shiny new feature.



Code language: basic c++ and experience coding with qt4 is required

UI designed : qt-designer

Tools : git

Familiarity with git functioning and knowledge of git rebase functionality is bonus but not required we will have quick primer on it.


We will have some basic design and a wiki for the same setup in couple of days,

So please check back soon : BAIN

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