/dev/zero; you can't get much out of it but zeros. You won't be able to give anything either.


Encyclopedia Galactica :

Abhijit Bhopatkar: aka BAIN.

A humonoid creature residing on planet earth. Planet earth has a problem. Most of the people living there are unhappy. BAIN was one of them. but after realising that passing around rectangular pieces of paper isn't the real solution for the unhappiness, he turned towards digital watches (sometimes mass marketed under brandnames like pentium or athlon). So far he is happy with them.

The Guide :

Abhijit Bhopatkar: aka BAIN.

Mostly Harmless.

On a bit serious note :

This site is a dump place for anything that i care to share with anyone on the net. I am a geek and a free/open source software advocate so you should know what to expect on this site.