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WIP (work in progress): Things I miss from old pune

1. Empty roads
I use to cycle around whole of pune with such a freedom and lack of care. Most of the roads on what then was outskirts, use to be dirt roads with no vehicle in sight.

2. Blackouts
Although awfully inconvenient, the whole city (or sometimes state) blackouts were a fun thing. We could literally see the milky way on those nights.

3. Marathi

4. Diwali

5. Water taps

6. The unpolluted sky and sunrises

Random quote from random movie

You like someone because and you love someone despite .....

:) :) :)

Edited : one more

You are not hard to get... you are hard to earn

Startrek empathy and wisdom

Its been three decades that I watched "Star Trek The Next Generation".... Yes DS9 was lot more exciting and The Original Series was more glamorous and profound. But TNG's preparation and the philosophical might astonishes (well too strong a word ... it astonished me in my teen ages but still close) me still today.

Season 2: Episode 15 has always made a profound impact.

Teaching logic to my daughter has consequences of being out smarted

There is a little fun game we play while going to school in the car.

I give challenges to my kids (especially Soha) that force them to use Modus Ponens or Modus Tollens to give me inference from the made statements, and they have to tell me which one was it Ponens or Tollens.

Like .
A : All dogs have four legs
B : "Chipkins" is a dog
C : Soha has two legs

Beatum ergo sum (being happy therefore I am)

2nd Feb 2017

What a conversation I had with Soha today!
The short version of it

Arsh chronicles

Just so that I don't forget those
These were spread out over three years, also there were numerous others that I can't recall but these were most stunningly observant and scientifically valid statements (valid as in testable by observations not necessarily true or correct)
1 Triangles are stable (while constructing structures out of snap in sketch pens)
2 may be the earth's gravity squeezes the moon as it goes around (on why moon has phases.)
3 may be it's a shadow (same as above)

Just when I had started to somewhat like microsoft this comes out

Its really bizarre and disgusting use of old tactics. Granted it originated in the Balmer era but hey its concluded today and the blame goes to you Satya as the current head.

This really is going to be a concern for me to invest in MS technologies at all. My recommendation is still going to be stay away if you can. And keep finding ways if you can't.

New Gmail is ugly

I mean after decades all they could do was just take up more space with inconstant elements, bad color combinations (i mean horrific !!! common google??? ) and sad integration of calendar? Only and Only good thing is "keep" integration. Plus now annoyingly the sidebar is wider ARGGHHH ARRGGHHH ARRGHHH !!!!!!

I am still scared of google for lots of things but building best UI's and taking over the app dev space is not one of them.

May be they should just invent an AI to do the frontend. Deepmind might come up with better one even today.

Causality, Probabilities and Destiny

Read couple of papers[1][2] on probabilistic causality which got me thinking :) How much in control are we of our surroundings?

For every little thing has causation in every other little thing. And more importantly I, me is part of everything. One with the universe ?
That's a nice tag line but is it really true? Long since my childhood have I believed in this oneness at least on some levels. Most of my arrogance (and some of my pride[3]) originates in the belief that I make things happen. But hard was it to realize the pitfall of this "Center of universe" theory. Its more or less like classical model of universe. Every point in the universe is potentially at the center of the universe. Like every point on the surface of the balloon.
This to a casual observer argues for the steady state theory of universe, every point at equilibrium being attracted with equal force from every direction. But the BIG pitfall of this argument is that take a star system which is collapsing on its own (or expanding doesn't matter) and add more or less uniform number of stars filling up rest of the universe. The stars system still keeps collapsing.
So what does this translates to? That universal fabric does not guarantee smoothness. The fact that I have influence on everything happening around, does not itself give me any chance of actually controlling it. Mostly because converse is also true, that every other thing influences me, so no control what so ever is inferred. And unless I have reason to believe I am in some ways special I have no dominion over anything around me.

And that brings us to the topic of destiny. Does the above mean everything is just destiny or probabilistic causality deciding things for me? And although not backed by observable experiments (yet?) multiverse theories do provide a simpler explanation that all those probabilities actually exist and are not selected against at all except for the original causality.

One Plus 5T Face Unlock is spookey.

I can't get over how fast and accurate it is, and so far no videos of fooling it have emerged. Its on your face ;) apple :D. And all this with just the front camera 8-O.

Of course its not secure enough for payments or anything. And your banking apps can be separately locked away. Great engineering by one plus.


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