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Ballmer to quit.. should Elop follow?

I never liked microsoft (ok i admit in 9th grade i was quite a fan). But even then i didn't expect them to stoop down to the level they are at today.
Finally some hope for them.

Ditto for Nokia except for the hope part. Nokia board are you listening?

Well there is a hope for linux after all

I (again) switched back to kde 4.10.

The except for my usual complaint of not having even a remotely sleek theme and annoying defaults (like transperancy , window highlights, border glow (seriously?)) after some tweaks its just impressive.

Most bugs are fixed, the functionality is just simple and not confusing like gnome/unity nonsense, everything just works and is responsive and features are just way more stable and sane than others. Old kde charm is coming back now and i like it.

Why linux will never rule desktop and why it won't stop ruling mine

Couple of days ago i had a big frustration with linux.

Both gnome (suppose to be awasome) and ubuntu unity (suppose to be "Desktop ready") had all gtk apps use file open dialog box which simply doesn't show big icon previews.

DROCD : Destribution Replacement Obsessive Cumpulsive Disorder

I invented this new "medical" term for a condition i suffer from.

Whenever the distribution i use gets stable and well configured and everything works, i get this urge to change it and replace it with something new that i can waste hours configuring.

So after a _very_ stable KDE sprint i have moved on to Mint. I am impressed. But then again i will probably go to something else once i fully configure this one.

Android MTP and ubuntu

Finally i configured my mint 13 (ubuntu 12.10 should be same) to seamlessly mount android mtp devices.

Out of all the options (mtpfs, gvfs-mtp, gmtp) go-mtpfs made by some googler seems to be the most stable along with the specific libmtp9 version.

The easiest way is to just use the following ppa (thanks ).

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/unstable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install go-mtpfs

Then create a udev rule (use your own editor i use emacs)

sudo emacs /etc/udev/rules.d/90-android.rules

And add following lines

# Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 MTP mode
ATTR{idVendor}=="04e8", ACTION=="add", ENV{ID_MODEL}="GalaxyNote10"
# Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 : automount when plugged in
ENV{ID_MODEL}=="GalaxyNote10", ACTION=="add", RUN+="/usr/bin/sudo -u root /bin/bash -c 'mkdir /media/android-mtp ; /usr/bin/go-mtpfs -allow-other=true /media/android-mtp &'"
# Samsung Galaxy SIII : umount when unplugged
ENV{ID_MODEL}=="GalaxyNote10", ACTION=="remove", RUN+="/usr/bin/sudo -u root /bin/bash -c '/bin/fusermount -u /media/android-mtp; rmdir /media/android-mtp'"

This will work for any samsung phone. If yours is different then check your vendorID with lsusb and use that in the second line above.

Note: you won't be able to unmount the attached device from desktop (atleast with nautilus/nemo). But just yanking device out should work. And since its mtp you don't really need to unmount.

Note2: go-mtpfs uses /tmp/go-mtpfsXXXX as its cache area so make sure you have plenty of space there (basically enough to cache all the phone folders you are accessing). It will fail and act weird otherwise.

omega rom for my g note2

Finally rooted my Galaxy note2 and flashed omega room.

Remains of the cloudy scene

Zynga shuts down petville causing potential dpression to many

This is the biggest problem i have with cloud tech. If a company shuts down or decides to shut one of its products i simply have no alternative. I can't imagine what will my life be if google shuts down gmail of docs or something.

KDE 4.10

I am running kde 4.10 now and WOW! everything is fixed..

Google calendar sync now works without long pauses, virtualbox works. Everything is just more stable and KMAIL now surpasses thunderbird in functionality.

There still some hope for linux desktop...

Now only if they just get the defaults _right_. I have to change about 15 things on a fresh KDE install. After converting a third laptop to kde 4.10 it just gets too boring.
May be just a simple utility to transfer all desktop/theme/appearance settings between machines?

KDE 4.9

After i loved kde 4.8 (which i had to give up since virtualbox seemless mode somehow started crashing kwin). Here comes kde 4.9.

Again i am loving it and virtual box works fine with it.


Now it leaves me with only two complaints


1. Extrememly dull and boring default theme. And there is no simple way of just chaning everything. Themeing and settings in general in kde is and always was a big mess. Even when it was just kde 1.1


2. Transparancy. i hate it



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