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Not too soon... Android app inventer

Just a half month after I bought android phone I get an invite to google's app inventer.


Samsung Galaxy 3 GT-I5801 ROOT !!! Hurra!

Finally got around to do some real hacking*** after a long time.

As i said previously since samsung does not use cryptographic sigs. rooting is releatively easy. However since Galaxy 3 as marketed  in india is a new phone (GT-i5801) there was no ready packages available.  So i modified the tool to install busybox and su on the Galaxy - S. Am attaching the resulting here  The immediate advantage is that now i can tether my edge connection over to Wifi. Also a speed improvement hack is now possible, more on that later when i get time to port it to galaxy 3.

For all those who want to do it the procedure is simple read on for details.


*** ALERT: Hacking is not cracking... i did not do anything illegal or malicious. The common task of breaking into unauthorised systems is called "cracking". Hacking is just using ones genious  to use verious things in ways not originally meant for them (or one definition of it).

First few days with android

I am actually loving this phone.and my first android app will get ready soon. Android sdk is a delight to work with and my java(!) concepts are getting polished quite rapidly.


New toy !!!!

My watch phone stopped working after two years of faithful service. I've finally bought samsung galaxy 3 android phone.

The phone is fantastic for such a cheap price. And I am loving the swipe keyboard.
Also the phone seems to be the most friendly open source device. Full kernel is available from samsung and it doesn't use cryptographic signatures for firmwares. Rooting is simple.
Android sdk is working well too.
Will this finally make me learn java? (well! What's left of it ... according to oracal android isn't java ;) )

Test 2

Testing again


Testing from galaxy 3



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