Gem of questions

Arsh : But Babu tell me one thing , when I grow up what do _you_ want to be?
Me : ummmm.....

Being lucky

Well this has been a month of streaks of luck for me and kidos.

First we won jackpot at those stupid kids replica of slot machines in a mall. Then yesterday we won a cool prize in raffle at our kids school fare. Hurraa!!!

Its funny since I had till date never won anything at any event where luck mattered even as a kid :)))

Self indulgence

Even a broken clock gets to be right twice a day.... How about being right thrice? I am cool :D

अल्बाट्रॉस सँडविच

लेखक – जयदीप चिपलकट्टी
(Associate professor Department of mathematics, University of Manitoba, Canada)

बेथ : तुला एखाद्या नवीन विषयावर संभाषण सुरू करायचं आहे असं तुझ्याकडे पाहिल्यावर वाटतं.
गिमेल : मी तुला एक गोष्ट सांगणार आहे, पण तिच्यातलं मुख्य पात्र तसं का वागतं ह्यामागची कारणसंगती त्यात स्पष्ट झालेली नसेल. गोष्ट सांगून झाल्यानंतर, ज्यांची ‘हो’ किंवा ‘नाही’ अशी उत्तरं देता येतील, असे प्रश्न तू मला विचार. आणि मग माझ्या उत्तरांच्या आधारे ही कारणसंगती तू शोधून काढ.
बेथ : मान्य आहे. निदान तूर्तास.
गिमेल : एक माणूस एका रेस्टॉरंटमध्ये आला, आणि त्यानं वेटरला अल्बाट्रॉस पक्ष्याच्या मांसाचं सॅँडविच मागितलं. सॅँडविच समोर आल्यानंतर त्यानं एक चावा घेतला, आपल्या कमरेचं रिव्हॉल्वर काढलं आणि स्वत:च्या कानशिलात गोळी मारून घेतली. त्यानं असं का केलं असेल?

What took them so long?

Linux 4.10 released with "Better Writeblock Management"???? You mean this was known issue? with such a *ahem* simple *ahem* fix? So for 10s of years i have been waiting on a blocked editor when copying my photos to USB and you simply didn't care???? Year of Desktop Linux anyone?

Warming up to the new microsoft

Its hard to believe. Just couple of years back I would have thrown any microsoft technology out of the window when it came to my personal use.

But today I finished switching all my projects to use Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Its open source, it runs on linux (still can't believe this one), and it has outdone any other FOSS web code editor in terms of speed (What?), features and support for modern open (what what what?) standards/tools.

Resistance was futile.

Facebook killed my blog

Looking at the rate of posts here, this blog is dying. And the reason is facebook.

Yet anaother browser Vivaldi

Seems like a good one, just that do we really need yet one more?

How not to do UX : HDFCSEC

I just found out their new "Next Gen Trading" app link.

As if the existing trading platform was not enough a nightmare to live with, they really took it to new heights with the new one.

Who/What in the world told them that a black background and florescent colored text is a good idea to present critical information? not to mention jamming 100 scrolling information displays onto one screen.



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