Hardy-thunderbird woes part 2

The stalk thunderbird worked fine, everything is in order and behaving quite nicely.
The only problem was to get it to run...

Hardy comes with libstdc++6 and thunderbird wanted libstdc++5.... not a big deal but just an 'apt-get install libstdc++5'. However i do wonder why mozilla is still distributing binaries based on older libstdc++5? or is it buggy???? or is hardy using a development library? or is this just the way things are in linux ... a chaos !!!


Thunderbird woes...

I love thunderbird.... its fast, lean and mean. I got extensions to do almost everything i need. Be it consolidating my bank statements or squashing the spam or managing imap folder. Hell it even comes with "gmail" as a new account option. IMAP is comfirtable only under thunderbird for some reason. And with lightening it completely replaces evolution.

But for some reason thunderbird+lightening on my latest hardy are quite broken the email part works as usual but the calendar screws up pretty bad.

Dumb Apt-cacher usage

I am so dumb :D

When we setup apt-cacher in office, I switched my laptop sources.list to point to the cacher.
It worked perfectly fine. Until one day I tried to install something from home. Ofcourse it couldn't find the cacher server in my office.

But then what I did and kept doing for last one and half _years_ is that I created separate sources.list.home for home use... and kept manually switching between them by hand copying. And ofcourse every time I made the switch I had to do a lengthy fresh apt-get update (dumb dumb dumb.......)

Testing "full html" formatting filter in drupal

Till now i didn't realise that drupal blog would strip off all the html formatting if i blogged from a external tool.

Then I found an option to set the default post filter to full html....

Testing dose this work now?

To set the default filter the path is

Administer->Site configuration->Input Filters

Gtk regidity

While i keep admiring how little i need to change in gnome especially Ubuntu from defaults to start getting productive. There are occasional times when i wish i had some flexibility. so that i can make my desktop look "cool" once in a while. At the most i can do is compiz cube and some gtk themes.... i sometimes miss the thousands of options kde gave :( but i miss them only couple of times not more, so far am still sticking to gnome.

Drupal rocks Blog api is cool....

Drupal really does make the default settings work well....

Example is the core module blogApi which now lets me blog from scribefire straight to my drupal blog, well atleast in theory, this is my first test.

Searching for a mobile phone

I lost my mobile phone a, beautiful w810i, i am now starting my search again to  buy a new one.

Following were the lessons learnt/must have things....

1. Sony ericsson sucks at calendaring functions, especially the alarm for appointments and reminders. A settable tune and volume for those alarms is a _must_ in new phone.

2. Email and imap push is really convinient and is a must have.

3. New email alert is essential.

Devslashzero switch to drupal

I switched devslashzero site to drupal from joomla....

Few of the advantages

1. Easy configuration : even though at first sight joomla might look better in this area, i find drupal a lot easier to configure. May be just because it has less features... kind of like kde vs gnome thing. Lot less had to be configured to get out of the box experience in drupal. What tipped drupal over the edge was the "clean urls" were just a one checkbox config in the installation itself.


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