"GO"ing to be bilingual

After fighting for years with Java and derivative interpreted *ahem* crapware *ahem* I have found my second language. "GO" is the way to go for me now.

Stop developing a new desktop Env/framework and develop apps already

Its amazing to see so much effort and telent being poured into developing Gnome/KDE to openbox/enlightenment and everything in between.

So many pretty desktops and so much talent in doing such a good User Interface and UX.

But I have to ask this question. Why? today we have really great functional desktops, what we need desperately are good Apps. Linux office suite stack sucks, email clients are decade old and not developing new features. Video / photo editors are stuck in old styles with almost no innovation for a decade.

Split personality OSX vs Ubuntu(chromeOS?)

Given that my passion, profession and to an large extent ideology[1], revolves around computers I spend considerable amount of my life in front of them. But these days I find myself having to split that time in two distinct halves.

One half is OSX. Which is my work laptop, too bad Cisco doesn't allow Linux on workstations (although in stark contrast to a decade ago in corporate world all our development stacks now support Linux.) The dumbasses in IT departments are still as incompetent as ever and everywhere.

Living a nerd life... my most thrilling experience

This stamps me being a nerd. I recently visited New York museum of natural history. And being in presence of dinosaurs fossils was the most thrilling experience I can ever have.

Historically if there was one thing that made me atheist, it was knowing about dinosaurs and then discovering none of the Big Books ever mention them.

Desktop linux anyone?

Streaming version of photoshop is now usable on chromebooks. Hate it or love it chromebooks seem to make desktop linux happen.

Netflix will support ubuntu now

Just when i was about to give up on desktop linux Netflix announces it will support ubuntu. (ofcourse the chrome os helped things a lot).

If you are applying for hdfc credit card

You may want to say no to (reasons below)
1. Smart pay
2. Wallet security

Click on the link to read reasons and more

The most boring products from apple? or its just me?

First time i wasn't excited to see a new product from Apple(iWatch). And the only other news is larger iPhones???? whats up with that? I mean moto 360 got me racing to see its features, i didn't move a finger looking at a shot of iWatch

Finally migrated my laptop to Ubuntu 14.04

This is the longest (four+ months) I have _not_ installed the latest Ubuntu

Moved to MacPro finally

out of 5+ months of hell. Still not Linux but usable (and beeeautiful).
I don't know why world still tolerates windows.


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