Giving up on unity and retrospectively on gnome

Couple of years ago i tried KDE 4.x and it simply didn't work. Crashed a lot, simply missed painting windows some times ... didn't have apps ported to it. and i _had_ to go back to gnome.


Then came unity, it kept getting bette although i never could get used to the half hearted OSX emulation. Broke my normal workflows in a way that i had to change the workflow for the sake of the tool. Bad but livable.


Ever since Ubuntu 12,04 though unity just keeps crashing on me. Its actually visibly slow, dash takes for ever to come up.


VNC blocking local display/input by turning off screen and keyboard mouse

I had been searching for a solution to this problem for ever. When i vnc to my desktop from home i don't want others to be able to control/see my desktop at all.

Solution turnedout to be simple though completely undocumented, here is the script




export DISPLAY=:0


#Turn the local display off

xrandr --output VGA1 --off


# Resize the display to something useful

xrandr --fb 1366x768


Anna makes the difference

Its been a while since i have felt the emotion of awe. Today i am filled with it.

I had always been advocate of how workable and alive indian democracy is, even if it seemd like the exact opposite for last decade or so. Today i simply am reassured that my faith has been in the right place. Despite being not fully convinced about the means and the ends of this movement i am pleased the democartic processes (not just that are laid down in constitution) still work in india.

And it was an impressive fleet and a step forward for indian democarcy

Facebook from google plus

Update Your Facebook Status via Google+, Extension-Free [In Brief] -

Facebook bans kde plugin

Facebook Blocks KDE Photo App, Deletes Users' Pics -

Rain rain go away . . .

Montreal chi mumbai zhaliye ha ha ha!
F1 track war pani . . . Race thambli

jslinux, you have to try it 

When i posted the last entry i didn't realize how wierdly big this is. Linux in a browser?? CRAP!! And it works flawless (only in FF4 or chrome though) just navigate to above link and you will have a real linux kernel instance running inside your browser.This one sure was one of those wow moments.

Boot linux in a brower?

Boot Linux In Your Browser -

There are plenty crazy people around but i will give this guy the crown.

Read my mind

Why the New Guy Can't Code -

I wouldnt hire a guy who hasnt done anything in linux atleast.


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