Split personality OSX vs Ubuntu(chromeOS?)

Given that my passion, profession and to an large extent ideology[1], revolves around computers I spend considerable amount of my life in front of them. But these days I find myself having to split that time in two distinct halves.

One half is OSX. Which is my work laptop, too bad Cisco doesn't allow Linux on workstations (although in stark contrast to a decade ago in corporate world all our development stacks now support Linux.) The dumbasses in IT departments are still as incompetent as ever and everywhere.

The other is Ubuntu on my personal laptop (large part of it chrome browser so you might even call it chromeOS with native App support).

The main problem is so _Much_ of both these OS's is actually common design originating from old CDE/Unix world and Ubuntu's recent found obsession to mimic OSX. Its quite irritating to keep remembering to keep switching between "Ctrl" and "Command" keys to do same things. Equally compelling is the curious features or lack of them in the UI. Like i have to keep remembering on OSX to close apps by pressing Cmd+q, while remember not to close my email client on ubuntu at all.

Thus i live a life now as if i have not decided my gender yet. Constantly frustrated at why in the world am I no longer an efficient person, but simply a 24x7 irritated one.

Thankfully android is accepted in corporate world.

[1] Mostly what "freedom" means is now defined by a software license text (google "GPL" and "Free software foundation"). Though not meant to be a guiding principle of life i find the fundamentals to be widely applicable.

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