Stop developing a new desktop Env/framework and develop apps already

Its amazing to see so much effort and telent being poured into developing Gnome/KDE to openbox/enlightenment and everything in between.

So many pretty desktops and so much talent in doing such a good User Interface and UX.

But I have to ask this question. Why? today we have really great functional desktops, what we need desperately are good Apps. Linux office suite stack sucks, email clients are decade old and not developing new features. Video / photo editors are stuck in old styles with almost no innovation for a decade.

I need a freaking stellar office suit doesn't matter if its not DOCX compatible. We need to win users on functionality not compatibility. I need a gmail competitor on my desktop. Gimp is old (so is photoshop) have you seen the new web apps or android apps that let you do photo/video editing?

And only a sad handful of projects try to cater to this verses the hundreds doing the yet another desktop environment.

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